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Purchase your prepaid minutes and save up to 85% on calls worldwide.

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Features & Benefits

Works from any phone
Our prepaid calling cards work from any touch-tone phone including cellular, dorm or payphones in the USA, Canada, Russia, Estonia and Tajikistan. Thus, you get mobility, anonymity and an opportunity to use our cards as an alternative to more expensive long distance services.

Domestic and international calls
You can make both local and international telephone calls to over 240 countries around the world when you use our calling cards.

High connection quality and the most competitive rates
The rates we offer are lower than those offered by such long distance carriers as AT&T, MCI, Sprint, Nextel and the majority of other calling card companies.
We have an opportunity to test and choose the services provided by over 1000 carriers throughout the world due to the VoIP traffic exchange system supported by our company. This feature provides a high quality phone connection combined with low rates for our customers and enables them to save up to 85% on international and local calls.

Absolutely no fees
EasyPhoneCalls calling cards do not have any connection and maintenance charges as well as monthly, service, cancellation and hidden fees. Therefore you pay only for the actual talk time, receive easy to understand statistics about your calls and can easily control your spending.

No expiry date
The international calling cards we offer have no expiry date. You can use the same card and the same PIN-code simply recharging your account regularly.

Local and toll free access
We offer two types of calling cards. The first ones are the cards which enable you to make calls using local access numbers. The second ones are the cards with toll free access numbers. The rate will be 1.9 cent higher if you use the cards with toll free access numbers.
You can save by using bulk or unlimited weekend and night long distance free minutes, offered by many cell phone operators if you cannot find our local access numbers in your area. In this case, a phone call to any of our local access numbers in any of the states will be free for you.

Permanent PINs and easy card recharging
All of our cards have a permanent and rechargeable PIN, which spares you FROM the need to buy new cards with more PIN codes all the time. You can recharge your card within minutes any time if you go to Your Account section on this site. Instruction on recharging the card balance

PIN-less Dialing
This feature allows you to make calls FROM any of the ten phone numbers registered by you in our system without dialing a complicated PIN code. After dialing an access number FROM any of these 10 numbers, the only thing you will have to do will be to dial the number of the person you want to call.
You can change or remove the registered numbers yourself an unlimited number of times if needed.

Note:Thisfeature is not available for public phones. It may also not work with some office Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems, certain mobile services, or during roaming.
Instruction on setting the PIN-less Dialing functions

Various service features
Automatic redialing of the number dialed last, automatic redialing of the number dialed last during the previous use of your card, multiple calls without redialing an access number and entering a PIN-code as well as other extra features make it easy and convenient to use our cards.
Instruction on using service features

Speed Dial from cell phone
Forget about the necessity of dialing an access number, PIN-code and a number of the person you want to call.
Using your cell phone and our calling cards you can call your subscriber pressing only two keys.
Instruction on setting Speed Dial

Account and billing management
In Your Account section on this site you can always CHECK and recharge the balance of your cards, review your orders and phone calls history, change your user information, etc.
You can get the information on the amount of money left on your card by calling to one of our access numbers. You can also get the information on the duration of your call (in minutes) after dialing the destination number.

Crystal Call is pleased to offer the system of accumulative discounts described below for those clients who ORDER our calling cards.

The total amount of your orders and your calling card recharges

Discount given

over USD 200

3% reduction on all of your future orders

over USD 500

5% reduction on all of your future orders

over USD 800

7% reduction on all of your future orders

Therefore, the more you call, the cheaper your phone calls become.

Your discount rate is shown separately on ORDER History page in Your Account area and also during the checkout process on ORDER Summary page.

Friendly customer service
Friendliness, professionalism and an individual approach to every customer are the main principles we stick to in our work with clients. Our Customer Service is ready to provide you with the necessary assistance and the answers you need.

Easy Returns
If your card does not work you can cancel your ORDER yourself at any time in Your Account section.

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